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people not profit

Ask your councillors not to Slash, Trash and Privatise the NHS

Your local councillors can push back NHS privatisation by saying no to the so-called 'Sustainability and Transformation Plan' (STP) for your area. Until recent public pressure forced them into the open, these plans being forced on councils in secret. Thankfully, all 44 STPs have now been published - but they often lack vital evidence and information about what is going on and how they will cope with funding cuts. Some councils are sheilding the detail by claiming the are 'commercially confidential'.

There's ample evidence that the STPs will be used to justify more privatisation and leave the NHS in such a state that it's impossible to run effectively.

Councils need to: 
  • Scrutinise the plans - while all 44 STPs have now been published, they need full scrutiny and public consultation on the plans
  • Refuse to sign up to the plans - just like they have done in Hammersmith and Fulham, Ealing and Sutton, Sheffield and Liverpool
Use the letter below to write to your councillors. The more you personalise it, the better. What's your major concern? What's happened to the NHS in your local area? Are there any services you or your family use that you are worried about?