It's time to win Better Buses for West Yorkshire!

Privatised and deregulated buses are failing our communities. Tracy Brabin has just been elected West Yorkshire Mayor on the back of a pledge to bring buses into public control there.

But regional councillors on the transport committee have been told to recommend she sign up for a 'partnership' at their meeting this Friday. Partnerships leave all the power in the hands of private companies.

We can’t let this happen!
Email these key figures TODAY to say West Yorkshire needs to be the next region going for public control.

  Councillor Manisha Kaushik
  Councillor Peter Carlill
  Councillor Sinead Engel
  Councillor Jo Hepworth
  Councillor Kevin Swift
  Councillor Daniel Sutherland
  Councillor Taj Salam
  Councillor Hassan Khan
  Councillor Denise Jeffery
  Councillor James Homewood
  Councillor Colin Campbell
  Councillor Andy D'Agorne
  Councillor Neil Buckley
  Councillor Peter Caffrey
  Councillor Martyn Bolt
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