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Respond to the Bus Services Bill inquiry

Clause 21 is the clause in the Bus Services Bill that will stop councils setting up new publicly owned bus companies. We don't think it's fair or democratic, and our new polling shows it's not supported by the public either. Please use the form below to write to the Transport Select Committee to ask them to remove Clause 21 of the Bus Services Bill.

We've left the action blank so you can write what you think. Please edit the response as much as possible - the committee is much more likely to take it into account if the responses are individual. Why do YOU think your council should be allowed to run buses?

What's your experience of buses in your area? Have fares gone up? Are services running when you need them? Have services got better or worse since privatisation in 1986?

Here's some other ideas you might like to use in your response:
  • New polling from campaign group We Own It shows that a majority of the British public think local authorities should be allowed to set up new public bus companies – as opposed to 22% who don’t believe they should have this power. 
  • The publicly owned bus companies that still exist - like Reading, Nottingham and Edinburgh - regularly win awards and are considered some of the best in the country. This proves councils are able to run bus services effectively - there is no reason to ban them from doing so.
  • Local councils should be free to run public services in the best way they see fit. If this means that want to replicate the model that is successful in places like Reading and Nottingham then they should be free to do so - especially if they have a democratic mandate to do it.
  • Evidence from Transport for Quality of Life suggests that over all public ownership of buses outside London could save £506million each year
  • The same research by Transport for Quality of Life shows that many places in France have taken buses into public ownership because it proved much more cost-effective.
  • Overall the Bus Services Bill is a step in the right direction, and the move to franchising in some areas is better than the system we currently have. However, it councils should be allowed to run bus services if they want to - so Clause 21 must be removed.

Please note - this is an easy way to respond, but if you would like an official response from the Transport Select Committee, please use the official response form here
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