Help get a plan for better buses over the line in West Yorkshire!

West Yorkshire's Mayor promised to deliver public control for our region. We need to make sure she delivers on this pledge as soon as possible.

To go for public control right now, Tracy Brabin needs the backing of every council leader in the region. Local people have already let them know we need this change. Now it's time to seal the deal.

n the 19th of June, West Yorkshire residents are joining together to ask their council leaders to back Brabin's pledge and go straight for public control. Please get involved in our Day of Action:

Step One: Register to attend an event in Leeds (10.30am), Huddersfield (11am), Halifax (11am), Bradford (1pm), or Wakefield (1.30pm).
Step Two: Email your council leader (using the tool below) to make sure they turn up to hear why we can't afford to delay public control.

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