Can you make your voice heard for better buses in South Yorkshire?

Plans to make South Yorkshire's buses work for people, not profit, have fallen by the wayside. It’s time our leaders put a foot on the accelerator!

On Thursday, Barnsley Council has the opportunity to do just that by passing our 'better buses' motion calling on the Mayor to take faster action to bring your buses into public control.

Last week, Sheffield Council backed the motion but they can't win this change on their own.

Email the leaders of Barnsley Council to demand public control is at the top of the agenda!

  Cllr Stephen Houghton, Council Leader
  Cllr Jim Andrews, Deputy Council Leader
  Cllr Sharon Howard, Cabinet Spokesperson without Portfolio
  Cllr Alan Gardiner, Cabinet Member for Core Services
  Cllr Jenny Platts, Adults and Communities Spokesperson
  Cllr Trevor Cave, Children's Services Spokesperson
  Cllr Chris Lamb, Environment and Transportation Spokesperson
  Cllr Tim Cheetham, Regeneration and Culture Spokesperson
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