We've just 5 days to drive forward better buses for West Yorkshire!

Tracy Brabin was elected Mayor on a pledge to bring West Yorkshire’s buses into public control but internal pressure means local politicians look set to set up a so-called partnership with private operators first. This leaves companies like First and Arriva in the driving seat.

Negotiating, establishing, and assessing a partnership will distract and delay our real goal - transformative change through public control.

On the 24th of June, the Combined Authority will vote on what to do next. Help put the pressure on our local leaders today to demand they go straight for public control, no ifs, no buts. We simply don't have time to waste on a partnership!

Step One: share on Facebook or Twitter that you back our call for public control ASAP. Share a picture of yourself at the Day of Action using this link: https://ctt.ac/4epx7

Step Two: sign our petition!
We want to get up to 10,000 signatures before we hand it in - can you help?

Step Three: email the Council Leaders! Use our template form below to fill up their inbox before the big meeting!
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