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NHS Professionals is not for sale!

UPDATE: Jeremy Hunt and Phillip Dunne (Health ministers) Ben Masterson (head of commercial property at the Department of Health), Serco, HCL Workforce, and Staffline (all buyers) have all BLOCKED any emails from this action. This means we've succeeded - they've noticed us, and they know we're angry. For now, just Nick Kirkbride at NHS Professionals, Rebecca George at Deloitte, and Aurelius Equity Opportunities are still receiving our emails. Keep it up! 

This means it is even more important to TWEET at the targets after you've completed the action so that they can't keep ignoring us - there'll be a handy little Twitter button on the last page after you've sent the email. 

We know who is responsible for the sale of NHS Professionals.

Fill in the email below to send a message to Jeremy Hunt and Philip Dunne, the health ministers; Ben Masterson, the commercial property head at the Department of Health; Rebecca George, the UK Public Sector Leader at Deloitte; Nick Kirkbride, the head of NHS Professionals; and the CEOs of Staffline, HCL Workforce, Serco and Aurelius Investments who are all bidding for the contract. 

  Rebecca George, UK Public Sector Leader at Deloitte
  Nick Kirkbride, CEO of NHS Professionals
  Aurelius Equity Opportunities

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