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Can you make your voice heard for better buses in South Yorkshire?

Despite promises to fix them, South Yorkshire's buses still aren't working. That’s why we’re asking local councils to pass our ‘better buses’ motion, committing them to start bringing our buses into public control in the next 6 months.

We need to make it politically uncomfortable for your council leader to dodge supporting our motion. How? By inviting them to hear from 6 local people, with powerful stories about how privatisation is failing them, at a MASS community meeting on October 21.

But first, we need to make sure the leaders turn up. Please send an email TODAY with 2 or 3 sentences:
  • sharing YOUR worst experience on our local buses or why you don’t use them.
  • linking your experience to why we need public control (click here for some ideas).
  • inviting them to pass the motion and attend the meeting (we suggest some text).
  Cllr Stephen Houghton - Barnsley Council Leader
  Ros Jones - Doncaster Mayor
  Cllr Chris Read - Rotherham Council Leader
  Cllr Terry Fox - Sheffield Council Leader
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