We Own It

Public services for
people not profit

Letter to Ian Johnson

Dear Ian Johnson,

As someone with a leading role in shaping the Plaid Cymru manifesto for next May, you have an opportunity to show that your party is standing up for public service users like us, by committing to introducing a Public Service Users Bill. 

This would be a vital first step towards greater transparency, accountability and social value and value for money in our public services. The measures we propose are highly popular and would win you votes. We're delighted that all three Plaid Cymru MPs have signed up to Early Day Motion 438 in favour of the Bill.

We Own It's research has compared your party policies against public opinion. While Plaid's policies are closer to what the majority of British people believe than many other parties, there is still scope for improvement. And there's still time before next May to make this happen. You can see for yourself how Plaid Cymru measures up to public opinion - and the other main parties - here.

Please stand up for public service users by including wording along these lines in your party's manifesto: "We commit to introducing a Public Service Users Act to put people's needs at the heart of public services. This Act would give the public a real say over decisions to outsource or privatise services, and it would make public service providers transparent and accountable. The public ownership option would be the default, there would always be an in-house bid, and there would be a strong role for the third sector when there is a decision to contract out. Social value as well as value for money would be prioritised in contracts for public services." 

Will you commit to a Public Service Users Bill in the Plaid Cymru manifesto, as a first step towards public services for people not profit?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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